Anna Vallès
    Oliana 19, bajos interior
    08006 Barcelona (Spain)
    +34 649 950 155

    I have got a degree in Law but that only happened as a result of a lack of judgment on my part for the simple reason that I was just, young. Nevertheless, halfway through my degree, deep in my heart I already realized that I was meant to do something else in life. Since at that time I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, I did take up studies in Spanish Philology. And that was what really made me realize that reading was what I liked best, and that learning how to become a writer was going to become the journey of my life.

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    But it was by sheer serendipity that I spent the ‘80s as a fashion stylist working for advertising in Barcelona. And then, later on, when the international fashion magazines decided it was time they launched their Spanish editions, I climbed on a plane, and my portfolio in hand I made the tour of the new editorial offices that were just being established in Madrid. I was dreaming of joining Marie Claire since I had been addicted to their French edition since I was 13. That was the second interview I had. And then… I got the job!

    “I just need to circulate among the people and then add whatever I can at one level or another”
    Loulou de La Falaise. Interview March 1973

    In 1989 I started working at Marie Claire as a fashion stylist. Then, the following year, I was promoted to the position of fashion director. I learned the tools of the trade through Elisabeth Bernigaud, Marie Claire’s international fashion director, and my life became a continuous packing and unpacking of suitcases. By then, I was finally aware that I had found my place in the world: between the editorial offices, the storage room and the shootings, and I realized that I had fallen in love with fashion journalism.

    In 1992 I became a part of the team that would set up the new Woman magazine for Grupo Z. That was an international project that resulted into an extraordinary magazine that came to life in Barcelona, with every possible means at its disposal. All this was happening at a very special time: the time around the Barcelona Olympic Games. When the magazine was fully organized, I took a flight backwards to return to my dear Barcelona, where I still continue living today.

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    In 2003 I left Woman magazine, and since then I have been working as a freelancer. Not only as a fashion stylist but also as a fashion writer. The time I have spent at the editorial offices has led me into writing, although… I am still working on it…

    I publish my articles and shootings at EL PAÍS SEMANAL, S MODA, and L-INK. GLAMOUR, TELVA and GQ, and I also contribute with reports on the international fashion catwalks for the newspaper EL PAÍS. Moreover, I work as a brand consultant for several fashion and cosmetics brands and I also write copys and texts for many of such firms.


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    My personal shopper service

    Shopping, strolls and tapas. Having spent so many years walking in and out of stores in search of items and ideas for my job as a stylist, I have become quite a real connoisseur of shopping, not only in the city of Barcelona, but also in the area that surrounds it. Of course I know the international luxury boutiques thoroughly, but I also know the stores and the workshops of local designers, special boutiques, some of which offer real artisan work, and even small businesses, almost secret and off the beaten path, that are only known to those of us who are lucky enough to have lived here for many years.

    Since I love strolling around the city, I also know many magical spots usually secluded in some of the quiet streets hidden deep inside the different quarters of the city. I am so fond of architecture that I always find myself looking upwards. That makes me capable of immediately spotting the most beautiful buildings in every street. A few years ago, the French magazine IDEAT, sent the well known photographer Daniel Auron, an artist who is acknowledged as the author of some of Hermes’s most beautiful still life advertising photographs. The aim was that we started working together on a guide of Barcelona. I had a great time while carrying out that job and, when Daniel left, he was delighted with the deep knowledge that he was taking with him about the city. He was grateful to me and thanked me because I had made him discover so many wonderful buildings from very different architectural periods. In fact, he was the one who made me realize that I was constantly gazing upwards…

    Of course, strolling is not the only thing that matters in this life, and, from time to time, one really has to stop and sit for a while. Well, then I know the perfect spot to have a great tapa, an exquisite salad, or perhaps something more sophisticated like a dish prepared by a famous chef. I also enjoy going out to dinner and trying new places, such as terraces at nice hotels, or the trendiest bars where the local hipsters go to. I am totally up to date as far as art galleries are concerned and I know many artists, photographers, graphic and industrial designers, which means that also have access to their work, and their workshops too.

    So, with all this in mind, I think I can be of great help and I can offer a fantastic service as a Personal Shopper. And also, I can complete it with other icentives such as art, cuisine, beauty treatments, or perhaps, just a simple stroll to admire the beautiful features of the city. I speak great French, good English and a sort of sui generis Italian… the kind we usually speak over here…

    An expert’s advice

    Although as a girl I used to dream with becoming an air hostess one day, I am not a tourist guide, so I can certainly not present myself as an expert in history and stuff like that, (although I can say I am quite cultivated, of course) but my career as a stylist puts me in the best position to be of great help as a shopping expert.

    After twenty odd years dedicated to fashion journalism and working as a fashion stylist for the most prestigious magazines in this country, I have developed a great eye to immediately spot what could look best on just anybody, to enhance someone’s beast features and to add the right touch of style… which in the end, is what a stylist’s job is meant to do… -.

    As a fashion journalist I always have first hand information on the latest trends. Every six months I travel to attend the international fashion shows and I receive all the information that luxury brands provide to me. With all this information and my experience in hand, together with the great taste that I have been able to develop through my job, and that I have worked to achieve for so many years, I do not need to carry on a thorough study of color and of the features of the client’s face in order to get someone looking handsome and well dressed.

    Plus, after so much walking around the stores, I know everybody in the business and even the stores, so well, that… I could even make an inventory of what is in stock inside many of them.

    Summarizing: who could be better than a fashion stylist as the perfect help to go shopping?

    Services to measure

    Although I work with standard fees, I can organize services to measure. I could give you the choice of an array of options: shopping to update a wardrobe, or maybe helping you to find something special to wear to a wedding party, or perhaps a day of shopping and an art exhibition, or something different, like exploring a trendy neighborhood such as el Raval or el Borne or Gracia. Or, the opportunity to meet the work of the best local designers, and a combination of shopping and gourmet lunch or dinner. I can work per hour, half day or full day.

    I get requests from my clients both trough e-mail and telephone. I then present them with a plan and a budget. We always reach an agreement and always find the perfect plan and budget.